Using external namespaces with mallard-site-tool

Tobias Rapp <yahuxo at>
Tue Mar 19 08:44:33 EDT 2013

Hello Mallard List,

I am currently trying to re-write my personal homepage using
mallard-site-tool. In some of the pages I would like to include custom HTML
elements (canvas, input text and button controls). 

I tried to do this analogous to the external namespaces example [1] but did
not succeed. The external elements are removed in the output but the text
between the elements remains. When looking at the HTML sources of the
online example this seems to happen there, too.

When I use the example 1:1 (see attached page file) the output created by
'mallard-site-tool html -o site/' is:

Unmatched inline element: ruby
Unmatched inline element: rb
Unmatched inline element: rp
Unmatched inline element: rt
Unmatched inline element: rp

My question is, if this is expected behavior or if there is some bug in
mallard-site-tool, yelp-build or yelp-xsl. I am using the software package
versions as available on Ubuntu Precise, mallard-site-tool was taken from
Gitorious [2].


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