gedit plugin

Rob Whyte <fudge at>
Sat Mar 2 04:10:38 EST 2013

Thanks Jim for the advice and the list reply reminder.

I will give that a try.

Kind regards
Rob Whyte

On 02/03/13 20:08, Jim Campbell wrote:
> Hi Rob,
> Please remember to include the list in your reply.
> No, mallard snippets are just a way of inserting boilerplate text into
> your file. It makes working with XML (or whatever markup language or
> syntax you're using) a bit easier.
> If you just want to see how the help will look in yelp, you can navigate
> to the directory where the mallard files are from the command line, and
> then enter "yelp ."  ("yelp" and then a period).  There aren't currently
> any integrated build tools for mallard in gedit. You could probably use
> the External Tools plugin in gedit to create your own, though. You would
> need to know a little shell scripting to do it, but you could do it.
> I hope this helps,
> Jim