Another problem

Mario Blättermann <mariobl at>
Fri Nov 26 12:11:33 EST 2010

Am Freitag, den 26.11.2010, 13:43 -0300 schrieb John Coppens:
> Not exactly. At least the links on that page are to other documents. 
> But, as I understand it, the proposed element would solve 'my' problem
> too. I am working on translating and editing the Anjuta manual to
> Mallard, I encountered this frequently. Eg.:
These link groups were usual in DocBook manuals and generated
automatically from the structure provided by the <chapter> and <sect…>
tags. In Mallard, you have to place these links explicitely. Assuming
your sections are defined as follows:

<section id="your-desired-id">

you have to put this line on top of the page:

<link xref="your-desired-id"/>

At this way, you get clickable links with the appropriate names of the
linked sections. Compared with DocBook, you get no section numbers,
because the sections are not numbered in Mallard by default.

Do you really need these links? In my mind, it could be more useful to
move the sections to their own pages and provide an overview page. This
is really topic based and Wiki-like. Only if this behaviour would break
the readability and strip off the context, you should keep it in one
page file.