Publishing mallard docs on a webpage

Mike Massonnet <mmassonnet at>
Sun Nov 7 15:06:33 EST 2010

Hi John,

2010/11/7 John Coppens <john at>:
> Hello people...
> I've committed myself to translating the Anjuta manual, and future
> tutorial to mallard format, but I would like to confirm first if there
> is a way to publish these messages on a webpage.
> I am able to convert a .page to .html using the xsl sheet, but those
> won't have the links, of course. Could someone enlighten me, or point
> in the right direction?

Use gnome-doc-tool, it's simple to use and is Mallard ready.

  gnome-doc-tool html -c index.css

This will use the external CSS file index.css. In order to create an
initial CSS file run the command

  gnome-doc-tool css

However if you don't wish to use an external CSS, you can drop the "-c
css" parameter and CSS will be included inside the HTML file.

> Thanks,
> John

Kind Regards