Mallard UI 1.0 DRAFT

This is a draft specification. It is likely that changes will still be made before the final specification.

The Mallard UI extension provides mechanisms for specifying user interactions and visual information in Mallard documents. Mallard UI is a collection of features, many of which operate independently of each other. Certain tools may support only some Mallard UI features.

The features in Mallard UI provide information about how to display and interact with standard Mallard elements. They do not provide new information. All Mallard UI features are designed to have graceful fallback behavior with non-supporting tools and in environments in which they cannot be supported.

Because Mallard UI provides multiple features that can be independently supported, this extension defines multiple feature tokens for use with Mallard Conditionals. Pages throughout this extension specify these feature tokens.


The formal definition of the Mallard UI extension is maintained in RELAX NG Compact Syntax in code blocks within this specification. This is the namespace declaration for the schema.

# This schema cannot be used on its own. It is designed to be combined
# with the core Mallard schema using the version attribute.
namespace ui = ""
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